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Fruit Tree Pruning Services in Asheville, North Carolina

We are experts when it comes to fruit tree pruning services in the Asheville and Buncombe County areas. Fruit tree pruning requires a specific level of care most tree care companies completely lack. Due to our experience with many different types of fruit trees and our success in getting them to grow properly, we pride ourselves on offering corrective pruning services. As with all types of trees, pruning is needed for your apple, cherry, and other fruit trees. Make sure that whomever you hire has a great deal of knowledge and experience when it comes to fruit tree pruning otherwise you could permanently damage your tree. There are many benefits to fruit tree pruning including:

  • Controlling the height of the tree so your fruit doesn’t grow too high up for you to reach.
  • Encouraging another set of limbs with additional fruit to grow.
  • Removing the tree’s dead, diseased or dying branches.
  • Develop a healthy, solid limb structure for positive future growth.

If you have questions, concerns or would like a free fruit tree pruning estimate, feel free to give us a call atĀ 828.552.6274. We look forward to hearing from you.


Fruit Tree Pruning

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